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General ManAger/OWNER

Dan is a master media creative, web guru, digital film producer and video marketer. His client list boasts some of the largest institutions in Alberta, as well as smaller service and product-based companies in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.

Dan has successfully managed teams of all sizes across various businesses. He has culminated his skill sets into Sleepingbeagle Studios, bringing his developed systems for production and design onto the digital/mobile screen within timelines that challenge many in his field.

Preston Scott | SALES


Preston was born and raised in the Red Deer area, and in 2013 moved to Edmonton. In 2017 Preston became a father for the first time with his wife Ana Maria. Seeing a opportunity to use his customer service and sales skills, Preston joined Digital Video Listings with a wealth of experience in customer service and sales.


With over 20 years in sales and marketing, I’m looking forward to working with yourself and your team. I am confident I will provide you with all I have to offer. My line is open for you.


Kate cutting | The Golden Retriever. intelligent & versatile.



Kate is a creative force to be reckoned with. A musician of nearly 15 years, a filmmaker, and a photographer, she always has something exciting on the go. This love for the arts flows over into her client-based work, where she always looks for creative new ways to tackle any task.

Relatively new to her full time career in the photo-video world, Kate has worked everywhere from labouring in lumber mills to fixing computers in office towers. Each experience has added to her skillset, and broadened her horizons. And through it all, her trusty camera has been close at hand.

These days, if she isn’t filming a short film or music video, she’s off in the mountains expanding her portfolio of landscape photos while seeking out new adventures.

ANDREW hLUSHAK | THE DIRE WOLF. rare. Loyal. Intelligent.



Always having an admiration for the film world, Andrew’s interest in this art grew at a young age when he and his best friend would create stop motion clips with action figures. This passion grew to creating small shorts, and soon after he decided to go to University to have a profession in the design & film world.

Andrew is an all-around goofball at heart, but when work is to be done, he is a hard working individual. His attentional to detail, organization and passion for the art helps him create the best possible outcome in whatever he does.

When he’s not expanding his knowledge of the world behind the camera, you’d probably bump into him at any given concert. He’s a music enthusiast who always has music playing! (I’m sure he had music blasting away while writing this ).

Tristan moorcraft | the Siberian Husky. loves life. Happy & affectionate.  a working dog but not a guard dog.


Tristan has always had a deep passion for video editing. Starting off at a young age editing YouTube videos he has mixed the creative side of editing with commercial work. This has brought a fresh and exciting look to Digital Video Listings’ videos and photos. He also has a love for painting, music and digital art.

Recently Tristan has began shooting for Digital Video Listings and has been added to our video technician group. Although new to shooting with us, he has worked on many other video projects such as music videos, documentaries and weddings. 



Trish Herrick is our business operations specialist. She keeps us on track financially and works on our business chassis. She focuses on moving the business ahead every day. 

Trish also manages our Accounting department and is the main point of contact for any billing questions or clarification. 


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