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To review & pay your invoices,  follow these steps.

  1. Under REALTOR® Login enter your Email address

  2. And Password

  3. Click Sign In

  4. This will bring you to your “ACCOUNT OVERVIEW” screen.

  5. Click on  View All Billings  (at the bottom of the box BILLING)

  6. MY INVOICES will open, this is all your overdue & current invoices. On the left hand side the invoice status is displayed, on the right VIEW INVOICE click HERE to pay an invoice in full or partially.
** You have the option to pay ALL OUTSTANDING INVOICES, or pay individual invoices in full, or a partial payment.

7.  This opens the current invoice here you can:

•  PRINT your invoice

• VIEW the property address it was issued for

• TOTAL owing

• PAY the invoice (in full or partially) 

8.   Click PAY INVOICE.

  1. Fill in the requested information, enter the amount to pay (FULL or PARTIAL amount) click CONFIRM PAYMENT.

  2. To pay the entire outstanding balance, in the MY INVOICES screen click  PAY ALL OUTSTANDING. (A Payment window opens above)

  3. Fill in the requested information, (only FULL payment available here) click CONFIRM PAYMENT.

  4. Wait and click PROCESS PAYMENT after confirm payment.

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