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To download your seasonal refresh photos follow these steps.

  1. Under REALTOR® Login enter your Email address

  2. and Password

  3. Click Sign In

  4. This will bring you to your “ACCOUNT OVERVIEW” screen.

  5. Click on  View All Properties  (at the bottom of the box PROPERTIES)

  6. PROPERTIES  will open, this is all your current & past appointments. A Blue link icon (see legend at the bottom right) will appear.

  7. Click the BLUE LINK for the appropriate property.

  8. A TOUR LINKS window will open, under both tour links you will see a SEASONAL REFRESH- PHOTOS, click the BLUE DOWNLOAD text.

  9. This will start downloading a ZIP FILE (bottom of the page) or ask you to SAVE or SAVE AS with a drop down menu. (if no option appears it most likely defaults to the DOWNLOAD folder of the computer). When the download is COMPLETED, located where it has been saved. You will find a file that has a zipper on it. RIGHT CLICK and select EXTRACT ALL…

    Zip File.jpg
  10. A EXTRACT COMRESSED (ZIPPED) FOLDERS window opens, here you can re-name the folder and choose where it will be saved. Click BROWSE.

    A SELECT DESTINATION window appears choose to MAKE A NEW FOLDER, this is where you will re-name the folder.

  11. After you have selected the destination and created a new folder, click EXTRACT.

  12. In the destination selected, a plain folder will appear with ALL your photos, ready to use. Your ZIP FILE will still be visible as well, you no longer need this, feel free to delete after you have extracted the files.

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