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To download your video(s) follow these steps.

  1. Under REALTOR® Login enter your Email address

  2. And Password

  3. Click Sign In

  4. This will bring you to your “ACCOUNT OVERVIEW” screen.

  5. Click on  View All Properties  (at the bottom of the box PROPERTIES)

    Properties Edit.jpg

  6. PROPERTIES  will open, this is all your current & past appointments. A Blue cloud icon (see legend at the bottom right) will appear next to the property address when they are ready to download.

  7. Click the BLUE CLOUD under HD VIDEO TOUR ONLY

  8. This will open a second browser window, the video will begin to play, (you can watch your video here) right click and select Save video as…

  9. This will open a SAVE AS window, select the location folder where you would like to save the MPEG-4 Movie file. (property folder location) click SAVE.


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