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To connect your account with your YouTube account, so videos automatically become published to your YouTube page, follow these steps.

  1. Locate REALTOR® Login

  2. Enter your Email address

  3. And Password

  4. Click Sign In. This will bring you to your “ACCOUNT OVERVIEW” screen.

  5. Click on Edit Profile, this will bring up a 2nd window with “EDIT ACCOUNT DETAILS:

  1. Click on Next Step (bottom right)

  2. Click on Next Step  **DO NOT Click UPDATE**

    Edit account 2.jpg

  3. This will bring you to the final window, select the options you wish to be emailed on.

  4. You’ll need to enter your YouTube info so your videos are automatically posted to your channel. Click NOT YOU? to setup. (if your name isn’t already present beside connect as)

  5. A second window opens that will ask you to accept to an app managing your YouTube account. Ensure in the top RIGHT HAND CORNER that you are signed into the CORRECT page you wish to have tours published/posted to. (if not, simply sign into your YouTube Page)

    YouTube Connect.jpg

  6. Click ACCEPT if you do not, it won’t automatically publish tours to your YouTube Page.

**After clicking accept this window will close and bring you back to the main “ACCOUNT OVERVIEW” window.


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