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To make changes to an existing  appointment follow these steps.

  1. Under REALTOR® Login enter your Email address

  2. And Password

  3. Click Sign In

  4. This will bring you to your “ACCOUNT OVERVIEW” screen.

  5. Click on  View All Appointments  (at the bottom of the box APPOINTMENTS)

  6. MY APPOINTMENTS will open, this is all your current & past appointments. A hollow checkmark (see legend at the bottom right) means an appointment can be edited or deleted (if its scheduled for more than 24hrs from now) On the left hand side you will see a pencil icon, click the pencil beside the address to be edited.

    ** Only Services can be changed here. You’ll have to call Customer Service to change Date and/or time.**


  7. To delete an appointment click CANCEL THIS APPOINTMENT.

  8. STEP 1 To make changes, confirm the contact details and click next step.

  9. STEP 2 to make date & time changes please call Customer Service as noted. - click next step.

  10. STEP 3 change the appointment address or add a new property - click next step.

  11. STEP 4 add or remove the required services. - click next step.

  12. STEP 5 - confirm the details and/or add additional notes. - click UPDATE.

    The changes will appear automatically once you click UPDATE and return you back the the MY APPOINTMENTS page.


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