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To book a new appointment follow these steps.

  1. Under REALTOR® Login enter your Email address

  2. and Password

  3. Click Sign In

  4. This will bring you to your “ACCOUNT OVERVIEW” screen.

  5. To book a new appointment click on the plus sign next to APPOINTMENTS

  6. A second window pops up with your contact details (name & number), if its correct, click next step.

  7. Make sure the appropriate location is selected Edmonton & Area

  8. Click on the Date you wish to book your appointment

    • Today’s date is blue

    • Dates with unavailble appointments are grey

    • Available dates are BLACK

  9. Click on the Blue arrows beside the time, to open a drop down menu and select your appointment time.

  10. Click next step

  11. Select the appropriate address. (If you have no PROPERTIES to select from the drop down menu, you will prompted to ADD A NEW PROPERTY)

    • Reference How to add a Property or Shoot Location in the procedures manual.

  1. Select the services required for the selected property.

  2. If selecting Professional Property Narration™ select MALE or FEMALE for the voice actor.

  3. Click Next Step

  4. Ensure that ALL the info entered IS correct and enter additional notes (ie: include the green space behind the house, or Bill will meet you, etc.) Click BOOK.



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