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Digital Video Listings and RMS

Our photographers scan the property with a Matterport camera that uses infrared technology for measurement purposes. This creates a point cloud of measurements that is converted into a 3D representation of the property. We utilize the 3D model in combination with the exterior 360 shots to generate property floor plans and measurements according to RMS principles.


When you book a Matterport tour you may add on a RMS compliant floor plan as an extra service. This includes an analysis of the 3D model by our designers and the generation of schematic floor plans from the data and relevant 360 photos. The plans are the reviewed by our quality control to ensure they are accurate and that the Measurements adhere to the RMS guidelines.

This service can be added onto any existing Matterport tour.



  1. We scan the property.

  2. We take outside 360 photos in a minimum of 4 places around the property (for detached homes).

  3. Wall thickness is measured.


  1. The models are send to our designers who create schematic floor plans using the ANSI Z765-2003 guidelines and measure the property using the RMS principles. Our designers have created thousands of floor plans from Matterport tours and have over 15 years of combined experience in creating floor plans.

  2. Each floor is given a TOTAL Interior and Exterior Measurement. Then things such as bay windows or open areas that affect the measurements are calculated and removed as per RMS guidelines.

  3. A final RMS amount is provided at the bottom of the Measurement Chart.

QUALITY CONTROL and Adherence to RMS Principles

  1. Each property floor plan is reviewed by a Digital Video Listings quality control expert to ensure the accuracy of the drawings and measurements.

  2. Digital Video Listings carries $1 Million in E&O insurance.

  3. Each floor plan is put through a 9 step checklist



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