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You have pictures of yourself that are a representation of your branding and business.  Often those pictures either aren’t done properly, or they’re out of date. We’ll take updated and professional pictures of you as the forefront of your branding.

We will come to a location of your choice and take pictures of you. The appointment is approximately 1 hour and backdrops can include your office, a home, a white background and/or outside*.  This complete service includes a 12 - 24 enhanced images which may include but are not limited to headshots, upper body shots (¾ body) & full body shots.

*The outside and/or home location needs to be pre-determined & arranged by the client. 

our realtor® head shot services

Additional Services you may be interested in are:

Hair & Make-up services (providing schedules don’t conflict): Our stylist/artist is a professional. Her experience consists of working on models for photo shoots, actors/actresses for the citadel theatre, movie & television sets, weddings, a stylist at Altimo Hair Group, etc. Some of her work has been for NOW radio billboards, The Theatre Garage & Necessary Evil – The Web Series.

Studio Rental

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