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About Our Realtor® Video Services



We can personalize your video listings by producing an edited introduction and lead-out video sequence. For added value, we can create an engaging video profile with edited interviews that highlight your overall business and showcase some of your satisfied customers.

You can get a lot of mileage out of REALTOR® Introduction and Lead-Out Video footage because once they are created, they can be used on all of your future Digital Video Listings. We help create your script and offer advice about content that would best suit your video segments.

REALTOR® Profile Videos combine three interviews: 1 with the REALTOR®, and 2 with satisfied clients. We schedule ½ day of shooting and film at 1 location. Our goal is to tell the story of your business and why clients would recommend you to other sellers or buyers. The final video can run up to 5 minutes and is edited with smooth transitions, descriptive titles and background music. This can be posted to your website and other Social Media Networks for greater exposure.

We create great presentations and refine your message to help secure new clients. A professionally produced Listing Presentation will engage your clients and save you time.

Our Realtor® Video Services

  • Video Introductions: Introducing yourself directly to your potential clients builds a sense of comfort and familiarity, encouraging them to contact you.

  • REALTOR® Profile Videos: We ask the right questions to tell your story and build trust for future clients through your REALTOR® Profile Video.

  • Listing Presentations: We can create engaging listing presentations that will help sign-up clients.

What You Should Know

To book any of our REALTOR® Video Services, contact us using "Request a Quote" and we will arrange a time to discuss your needs.



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