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ABOUT Professional Property Narration™ 

For residential properties, we create professional narration audio to accompany the duration of the video with breaks in dialog to avoid excessive speech. Putting your best pitch on video to be heard EVERY time.   

The price is nominal and consistent.  All essential selling aspects of the home are captured and highlighted in dialog so that nothing is overlooked.  The oral presentation is an excellent complement to the video and rounds out the audio/visual experience of seeing and knowing what the property has to offer.

Nothing will grab your attention like the voices you hear in advertising! They know how to capture your attention & KEEP your attention. We believe our products should achieve the same thing. We not only want your listings to look good visually we aim to leave your audience wanting more! Using property narration is like watching a preview for an action movie.... it’s an impressive, professional voice that promotes your listings, telling a bit of a story and leaving potential clients wanting more. When a client is looking for more, they will look to YOU -  an experienced REALTOR® eagerly waiting to wrap up the "story"

our professional property narration™ services

  • We provide you with a very straightforward template. Designed to cover ALL the essential selling features of a property, all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

  • We use professional voice actors to present your scripts in the most articulate & audible way possible.

OUr custom script creation services

  • We can create a script for an additional cost - leveraging your time & efforts even more.

  • We use your pre-written MLS property description or a list of details to develop a great sounding script

  • Once a script is written, it is sent to the REALTOR® for a final approval.

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