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about personal property intro/outro’s 

In today’s market the majority of all property searches begin online, presenting your property with the utmost care is mandatory (not quite but it should be) everyone strives to have a personal touch.

We want to help you out by adding something simple to make YOU and YOUR listings stand out from the rest! A mini on screen introduction and/or a mini closing to each one of your properties.

our personal property intro & Outro’s

What does this include?

  1. You arrive at the scheduled appointment
  2. The technician and yourself pick a location at the property
    (on the front porch, in front fireplace, in a lovely backyard… etc.)
  3. The technician will setup the camera to make you look your best!
  4. Taking a couple takes (to ensure we have the perfect one) of a 30-45 sec clip of your dashing self as you introduce the home with a few key points!
  5. The house will be filmed as usual – displaying all its fabulous qualities.
  6. To wrap up the video, we will film a second 30-45 second clip as you say your thanks and how people can reach you! (a couple takes to ensure we have the perfect one)

what you should know

  • We don’t want the audience to become bored so keeping in short and sweet is ideal.
  • We allow for a few takes (3 to 5) however, time is money so additional on-screen time will result in additional charges.
  • The “script” you chose to include will be from your memory! (no cue cards)


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